You can, but should you?

There’s a dark stain over the insurance industry for consumers searching for quotes online. Families and individuals are aware they need to carry health and life protection but dread entering their information online, consequently experiencing the bombardment of phone calls that follow. It’s so bad some people would instead go without coverage than speak with a broker over the phone. When in reality, all it takes is working smarter, not harder.

Some people will advise you to buy your own auto, home, health, life, or any other insurance. They will tell you horror stories about the number of calls you’ll receive if you submit information online. They will present a convincing argument, and you’ll be tempted to accept their advice. I urge you to resist that temptation.

It’s no surprise that many people are turning to self quoting websites and applications. The appeal is undeniable. There’s nothing inherently wrong about this approach, and it does save the consumer the headache of having to speak to countless agents. However, should you buy insurance without speaking to a licensed broker? It’s fine to quote yourself and see what’s out there in terms of options, but then proceeding to purchase that insurance without educational guidance is extremely risky for the consumer. When you use past experiences, personal knowledge, and stories heard from friends to make an informed decision on your insurance; the result tends to be medical debt or bankruptcy.

A licensed agent or broker has a fiduciary responsibility to you. They are mandated by state and federal law to undergo licensed certification. While you may not have had pleasant experiences in the past, having a broker perform a needs analysis to personalize the policy is a better alternative. Just like any other profession, some paid attention during class, and others did not. It isn’t appropriate to blanket statement all insurance brokers as untrustworthy.

Here’s your solution to avoid entering your information online. Instead, reach out to family members and friends. Ask them whom they use for their insurance needs and their experience with their broker. If you can’t find a family or friend who uses a local agent or broker; reach out to colleagues and people within your circle of influence for guidance. By doing so, you are acquiring a real person who is aware of your personal needs and whom others trust. It’s an ideal win-win situation between a trusted broker and client. You leave feeling confident in your policy because you are informed, and you’ve supported a local small business owner and their family. It may not be the fastest solution, but should it?

When the world is more efficient, we’re all happy. Quicker load times, faster test results, high-speed internet. The need for convenience and expedience permeates everything we do. There’s relief in knowing you can quote and compare prices without receiving dozens of calls.

However, when you go to purchase your insurance slow down, consult a professional, ask questions, and then fill out your application with the knowledge you’re protected and supported.

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