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BCS, Inc commits to providing you insurance for your family, business, and assets. Through independence, Baker Consulting works for and with you, never the carriers. We dedicate ourselves to shopping the market and providing you with the highest level of protection at affordable prices.

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With the owner's background in teaching, BCS, Inc puts education first. We have found that when clients truly understand their coverage, they feel more at ease and confident when using their policy. While we may take a little longer in conversation, our questions are important, and they reveal places where we can educate our clients on things they weren't even aware of. It is never a one size fits all type of conversation—your needs and situation matter.


With so many agents out there doing what we do, it's paramount that we are ethical in all our conversations. When you choose to work with Baker Consulting, you are dealing with agents of high integrity. We will answer all your questions, and you will walk with us as we explain your policy. We will always send you full quotes with the full brochure, so you're clear on the policy and its limitations. We hold integrity to its highest standard when dealing with your family's health insurance.


When you become a client of Baker Consulting Services, you are a client for life. We pride ourselves on being genuine in our relationships. You won't only hear from us when your renewal is up, you'll hear from us on your birthday, on holidays, and whenever we feel like saying hello! The truth is, a client's situation may change as the year progresses. It's our responsibility to make sure your health coverage reflects those changes. We want to service your policies for life if you let us!


The time of the stereotypical car salesmen is dead. We know our client's value transparency and we love to provide the full picture - always. We are an open book, and it should be like that anywhere you go. Health insurance is confusing for most people, so there are brokers like us to step in and help guide our clients. Trust is a huge factor in this, and we believe transparency is the path to earn yours.

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Health Insurance Coverage

As of 2021, approximately 91.4% of the U.S. population had health insurance coverage in some form, whether through private health insurance plans, employer-provided coverage, or government assistance programs like Medicare and Medicaid.